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 (917) 830-8060
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Interested in applying for Ecomundo Cleaning LLC?



    Phone/Numero de Telefono

    Email/Correo Electrónico

    How did you hear about us?/¿Como nos conoces?

    Are you fluent in Spanish?/¿Hablas Español?

    Have you worked in a cleaning company before?/¿Ha trabajado antes en una empresa de limpieza?

    If the previous was 'yes', how long?/Si el anterior fue 'sí', ¿cuánto tiempo?

    Are you familiar with Worker-owned cooperatives?/¿Tienes conocimiento de cooperativas?

    If hired, what is your availability?/¿Si es contratado, ¿cuál es su disponibilidad?

    Upload your resume/Sube tu resumen (.pdf,.doc,.docx accepted)

    Is there anything we should know?/¿Hay algo que debamos saber?

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