A Worker-Owned Business

We are a group of mostly women (and 2 men), from Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, who have formed a cooperative business in order to ensure ourselves decent wages and healthy work conditions. We offer green cleaning services for homes, offices and businesses in the New York Metropolitan area.

As both workers and owners of our business we have a special interest in providing the best service possible.

Healthy Clean

In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

By promoting the use of non-toxic products, we protect the people who live or work in the spaces we clean. There are plenty of new products on the market free of harsh chemicals, not to mention the tried and true methods of our grandmothers that will leave your home or business sparkling and smelling great. Clients with small children, pets, or allergies will especially benefit from these services.

Experience and Personal Service

With decades of experience among us, as well as continued extensive training, we can ensure your satisfaction. We take pride in our work and strive to meet the needs of all of our clients. You can always contact our home office directly with any issue that arises, at the same time that you can rely on the personal relationships with our members.

We clean homes, offices and businesses

using all natural green cleaning products.

Appointments are available 7 days a week. We generally require a minimum of 48 hours notice to schedule a first appointment.

To schedule, please call us at (917) 830-8060, 11am-7pm, Monday through Friday or fill out our contact form.

We will provide an estimate for our first visit. Our members work on a contract basis, not hourly, and will complete any  job for the set price, no matter how long it takes.

Typical Prices

These are estimates, which we will confirm after we visit your space for the first time.


Size of Unit Basic Clean (at least 1X a month) Deep clean and initial appointments
Studio $80 $110
1BR, 1Bath $90 $120
2BR, 1Bath $100 $130
2BR, 2Bath $115 $140
3BR, 1Bath $125 $150
3BR, 2Bath $135 $160
Duplexes, larger apartments $145+ $160 +
Houses: Average 2 Story 2-3 BR, 2 Bath $180-$220 $220+


    • Average 2 Story 2-3 BR, 2 Bath $180-$220

Offices and Businesses:

    • Please call for a free estimate (917) 830-8060

 Additional Services:

    • Clean inside refrigerator: $15
    • Clean inside stove: $15
    • Clean/organize kitchen cabinets or closets:$20
    • Clean outside/inside of each window: $5-$10
    • Clean Ceiling Fans: $10
    • Clients with pets (cat or dog): $5-$8, depending on number of pets
    • Laundry (price varies) starting at $20-$35 for 1-3 loads

Download our cleaning checklist for a detailed description of standard and deep cleaning services.

*New York Sales Tax (8.875%) will be charged separately


Checks should be made out to:  Ecomundo Cleaning LLC.

Send payment in form of personal check to

Ecomundo Cleaning Cooperative
c/o Northern Manhattan Improvement Corp
76 Wadsworth Ave
New York, NY 10033

If absolutely necessary, payment in cash or check can be given directly to the coop member. The coop member will receive 100% of your payment.


Appointments are available 7 days a week. We generally require a minimum of 48 hours notice to schedule a first appointment. To schedule, please call us at (917) 830-8060 11am-7pm Monday through Friday.

How long will the cleaning take?

We will spend as long as we need to do the highest-quality job possible. Please ask the coop member to estimate the time required when they get to your home if you need to know for scheduling reasons.

Cleaning Supplies

We ask that you provide your own cleaning supplies, based on your preferences. We highly recommend you use the products on our suggested checklist, which will ensure your health and safety, as well as that of our coop members.

We recommend: baking soda, white vinegar, olive oil, Dr. Bronners castille soap, Seventh Generation products, Method, Mrs. Meyers, etc

Just wanted to let you know that Sara was amazing. She really went above & beyond the call of duty.

Jaime H, Inwood


Guadalupe was fantastic! She was very nice and professional and did an absolutely amazing and thorough job! I will definitely use your service again and will recommend it highly to my friends and neighbors. Thank you so much!

Kirsten K, Inwood


I just wanted to say that Maria was fantastic. Our house is sparkling. We will definitely come back to Ecomundo and Maria the next time we need a cleaning!

Sarah H, Washington Heights


Evangelina was AMAZING! [She] literally made my kitchen sparkle!

Wendy R, Washington Heights


Rosa and Maria did an amazing job!! My apartment has never looked this good. I’m telling everyone about y’all.

Claudia C, Co-op City


The cleaning was fantastic – my place was spotless, and I’d definitely like to schedule another appointment for the near future

Joseph E, Washington Heights


The cleaning crew was extremely professional and thorough. My preschool is pristine.I appreciate the care they took with our facility, toys and learning materials. -from the owner of Peartree Preschool in Harlem

Denise, Harlem


Please fill out this form and we will get back to
you within 24 hours with an estimate.

Or you can call us at (917) 830-8060 to get an estimate.






How did you hear about us?

What do you want cleaned?

If business or office, describe briefly the space (square footage, # of rooms, equipment, etc)

If apartment or house: # of BR, Bathroom, other rooms (dining, den, office, foyer, etc)

Additional services required: (refrigerator, oven, windows, etc)

Do you have pets? What kind? How many?

How often do you need cleaning?

Two or more possible dates and times for your first appointment:

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